While today’s vaporizers are mainly popular for using cannabis or liquids containing nicotine, there are also a wide range of other plants that you can use. These have various physical and mental benefits. Inhaling the vapors given off by the plants is also known as aromatherapy. This is sometimes also used to treat stress, insomnia and anxiety.

evaporating basil

This herb is often used in cooking for flavor enrichment, but it can be used very well with a dynavap induction heater for spirit enrichment. The herb has been used for centuries for various medicines, because it supposedly protects against radiation. Today, it is used by most people to treat viruses such as the common cold or the flu. In addition, it also has a positive effect on the intestines, with a good effect against constipation. On the mental surface, basil also has positive effects on people with depression or anxiety. This is because it contains a compound called linalool, which can also be found in marijuana.

Sleep well with chamomile

In the past, chamomile was also used as a natural medicine against things such as anxiety, depression, stress and headaches. The herb is also often added to tea to help people fall asleep. But you can also use it well with a vaporizer, either alone or in a mix with other plants such as marijuana. Chamomile is good for everyone, both children and pregnant women.

dynavap induction heater

Using Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is often used in the fight against a flu or cold, because it opens and lubricates the airways, so you can deal with sore throats well. In addition, it also works well against stress and anxiety, because of the soothing effect of the plant.

Vaporizing hops instead of brewing

Hops is an herb that is mainly used for brewing beer, but it can also be used for evaporation. It is good for combating insomnia and stress. However, if you use too much, you can also suffer from fatigue. That is why it is important to use this herb in moderation for evaporation.

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