If you have your own company and use your phone for both business and private purposes, you may not want your customers to have this phone number in their possession. Anonymous calling is a solution for this that can be obtained from all telephone providers. But what if you want to send an anonymous SMS, this is something telephone providers don’t provide.

Options to send anonymous SMS

It is not possible to send an SMS anonymously via your telephone, the telephone number will always be visible. There are several websites that allow you to send an anonymous SMS. You can choose from free and paid services, but please note that the free services are not always reliable.

How do these services work

If you decide to send an anonymous SMS via a website, you would like to know how it is possible that these messages remain anonymous. These websites use online SMS systems that are also used by companies to send service messages, for example the messages from your telephone provider. These SMS systems ensure that you can specify your own sender. The websites that send an anonymous SMS for you are usually automatically given as ‘anonymous’ sender, but there are also websites where you can enter your own sender and, for example, include your company name.

What else can you use it for

An anonymous SMS is not only a solution for a company that wants to keep its private number protected. There are many more situations imaginable in which an anonymous SMS might be necessary. For example, you could play a prank on your best friend or colleague this way. It is also useful to share bad news in this way where you do not want people to know that it is coming from you. Think of the announcement that you have covid and have been near someone. There are also other countless situations in which sending an anonymous text message could offer a solution.